Welcome to the personal web site of Prof. Georgiy Pavliy
(Professor at the Lviv Conservatory and Music Director of the Perpetuum Mobile Chamber Orchestra)

This site is intended for:
– professional musicians
– students of music (string players)
– aficionados of chamber and string music
– teachers of stringed instruments
conductors of chamber orchestras

On these pages you will find links to recordings of music for chamber orchestra by Ukrainian composers as well as by renowned classical composers, particularly works that had hitherto never been played before in Ukraine and some cases (such as unknown works by Beethoven) anywhere else in the world. Also to be found here are light classics, Brazilian sambas and arrangements of Beatles’ hits, amonst others.

The violin music on this site is performed by students, graduates and post-graduates of Professor Pavliy.
There is also a section dedicated to methodology, pedagogy, musicology and performance practices, as well as theoretical research.
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